Reading Assignment

Aug 28

Lect 1. Introduction to System Engineering


Aug 30

Lect 2. Introduction to Systems M&S

Text Book Ch1-2

JD-24, JF-58

Sept 4

Lect 3. Set Theory Based Framework for Systems Modeling;

Any Discrete Math Book

Sept 6

Lect 4. Set-theoretic Formal Modeling and Analysis

Sept 11

Lect 5. Formalism in DES Modeling and Simulation


Sept 13

Lect 6. DEVS Model Reuse and Conflict Resolution

Text Book Ch4

Ch6, Ch7

Sept 18

Lect 7. DEVS Simulation Concepts; DEVS Simulation Algorithms(Engine)

Test Book Ch8

Sept 20

Lect 8. DEVS Models Development Process and Implemenation in DEVSim++

DEVSim++ Manual

Sept 25

Lect 9. State Abstraction and C-DEVS Formalism; Co-modeling Methodology


Spet 27

Lect 10. DEVS Modeling Process and Implementation in DEVSim++

Oct 2



Oct 4



Oct 9



Oct 11/16

Midterm (Project Presentation)


Oct 18

Lect 11. Hybrid System Modeling; Hybrid System Simulation Environments

Cf-70, CF-106


Oct 23

Lect 12. Statistics in DES Modeling/Simulation; Population and Sampling; Sample Statistics

Any Statistics Book

Oct 25

Lect 13. Hypothesis Test and Model Validation


Oct 30

Lect 14. Performance Evaluation; Output Analysis; Comparison of Alternatives

Nov 1

Lect 15. Importance Sampling and Applications(1/2)


Nov 6

Lect 16. Importance Sampling and Applications(2/2)


Nov 8

Lect 17. Reverse Simulation Using Simulation-based Optimization(1/2)


Nov 13

Lect 18. Reverse Simulation Using Simulation-based Optimization(1/2)


Nov 15

Lect19. Mult-fidelity and Multi-resolution Modeling and Simulation

CF-130; JF-62


Nov 20

Lect 20. Cellular Automata Modeling and Simulation(1/2)


Nov 22

Lect 21. Cellular Automata Modeling and Simulation(2/2)

Nov 27

Lect 22. Convergnece in Big Data, Machine Learning and Simulation(1/2)

Nov 29

Lect 23. Convergnece in Big Data, Machine Learning and Simulation(2/2)

Dec 4

Lect 24. Applications in Big Data + Machine Learning + Simulation(1/2)


Dec 6

Lect 25. Applications in Big Data + Machine Learning + Simulation(2/2)


Dec 11~15

Final Exam