Reading Assignment

Sept 5

Lect 1. Introduction to System Engineering


Sept 7

Lect 2. Systems Thinking and System Architecture

Sept 12

Lect 3. Introduction to Systems M&S

 Text Book Ch1-2

JD-24, JF-58

Sept 14


Sept 19

Lect 4. Set for DES Modeling; Set-theoretic Framework for Systems Modeling

Any Set Theory Book

Sept 21

Lect 5. Interpretation of Formalism; Communicating FSM(CFSM); Behavioral Analysis

Sept 26

Lect 6. Timed State Representation; DEVS Formalism; Atomic/Coupled DEVS Modeling

Text Book Ch4

Ch6, Ch7

Sept 28

Lect 7. DEVSim++ Environment; State Equation of DES; Schedule Continuation/Conflicts

DEVSim++ Manual

Oct 3



Oct 5

Lect 8. DEVS Simulation Concepts; DEVS Simulation Algorithms(Engine)

Test Book Ch8

Oct 10

Lect 9. State Abstraction and C-DEVS Formalism; Modular/Non-modular transformation


Oct 12

Lect 10. DEVS Modeling Process and Implementation in DEVSim++


Oct 17

Lect 11. Hybrid System Modeling; Hybrid System Simulation Environments


Oct 19

Lect 12. Co-modeling Methodology


Oct 24/26

Midterm (Project Presentation)


Oct 31

Lect 13. Statistics in DES Modeling/Simulation; Population and Sampling; Sample Statistics

Any Statistics Book

Nov 2

Lect 14. Hypothesis Test and Model Validation


Nov 7

Lect 15. Performance Evaluation; Output Analysis; Comparison of Alternatives

Nov 9

Lect 16. Importance Sampling and Applications(1/2)


Nov 14

Lect 17. Importance Sampling and Applications(2/2)


Nov 16

Lect 18. System of Systems Modeling and Interoperation Standards


Nov 21

Lect 19. RTI Services for Simulators Interoperation

RTI Manual

Nov 23

Lect 20. Time Synchronization in Parallel/Distribute Simulation


Nov 28

Lect 21. Federation Development Using HLA/RTI in Defense Domain

Nov 30

Lect 22. RTI Based Simulation Interoperation : Ping-Pong Game Example

Dec 5

Lect 23. Reverse Simulation: Simulation-based Optimization


Dec 7

Lect 24. Multi-Fidelity and Multi-resolution Modeling and Simulation

CF-130; JF-62

Dec 12

Lect 25. DEVS M&S with DEVSim++ (1/2)


Dec 14

Lect 26. DEVS M&S with DEVSim++ (2/2)


Dec 19/21 ~

Final Exam